Andrew Morrish is a former headteacher and founder trust CEO, who has served as an NLE, inspector, LA adviser, chair of governors, and trustee. He brings a wealth of experience to his role as a member of the Ofsted Inquiry, having seen the education system from various perspectives.

Andrew is currently the Director of Makana Leadership Ltd and has authored several books, including The Authentic Leader (Bloomsbury). He is also the co-founder of Headrest, a free wellbeing support service for headteachers during the pandemic. Andrew is active on Twitter, where he shares his insights and ideas with his followers.

Andrew joined the Inquiry because he believes that the current system of school inspection is no longer fit-for-purpose. He receives calls from headteachers at Headrest, who cite Ofsted as the biggest cause of stress. He believes that this stress is unnecessary and avoidable if there were a more humane system of accountability in place.

Andrew hopes that the Inquiry will achieve several key objectives. He wants to see the grading system replaced with a system-led framework of intelligent accountability. He also wants to remove the high stakes associated with Ofsted inspections, trusting the profession to do its job. Finally, he wants to ensure that pupils are kept safe, all at a fraction of the current cost.