Dr Bernie Munoz is an educational psychologist, writer, and academic who has made significant contributions to the field of education. Currently, she serves as a lecturer at the Centre for Leadership in Education at the Institute of Education, UCL. Over the last decade, Dr Munoz has conducted ground-breaking research on inspection and educational inequalities, which has been funded by prestigious organisations such as ESRC, Nuffield Foundation, and The Edge.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr Munoz has agreed to be part of the NEU inquiry into school inspection. She believes that Ofsted’s role is pervasive in the education system, and it is essential for academics and policymakers to come together to assess the inspectorate’s claim of enhancing children’s education.

As an advocate for rigorous evaluation, Dr Munoz hopes that the inquiry will achieve a thorough assessment of the impact, effects, and side-effects of Ofsted in primary and secondary schools. Moreover, she hopes that the inquiry will provide insights into imagining alternatives for the future, thus contributing to the overall improvement of the education system.