Dr Kulvarn Atwal is the Executive Head Teacher of Highlands Primary School and Uphall Primary School located in the London Borough of Redbridge. He has completed a doctorate degree that focused on teacher professional learning and has authored two books; The Thinking School and The Thinking Teacher.

Kulvarn firmly believes that a robust framework of accountability for schools is essential for a self-improving education system. Furthermore, he brings extensive experience and expertise, which will be invaluable in supporting the Inquiry’s work.

Kulvarn hopes that the Inquiry will identify what is currently working well within the inspection model and what can be done to improve it further. He believes that this can be achieved through research-based discussions and evaluations of inspection models used in other countries. Kulvarn’s ultimate goal is to improve the education system by reforming or evolving the inspection regime. He hopes that such improvements will support staff wellbeing and retention and most importantly, enhance outcomes for all students within the education system.