Dr Zubaida Haque is a highly accomplished social scientist with extensive knowledge of equality, anti-racism, and social justice issues in education and other public sector areas. She has held senior positions in think tanks, charities, and government departments and has participated as a Commissioner on several national reviews, including the 2001 youth disturbances in Oldham, Bradford, and Burnley, the Commission on Gender Equal Economy, and the Lewis Hamilton Commission.

Dr Haque has also written and spoken widely on inequalities within the pandemic and was voted by Lancet in January 2022 as one of the leading women in the sphere of science and public health during COVID-19.

Dr Haque agreed to be part of the inquiry into school inspection due to significant concerns from the teaching community, parents, and race and faith equality organisations about the role of Ofsted in schools and how Ofsted defines British values. She hopes that the inquiry will lead to an inspectorate system that prioritises, promotes, and monitors race equality and anti-racism approaches in schools. As a democratic system, no one should be immune from accountability, and it is essential to address issues of escalating racist bullying, disproportionate exclusions of Black and GRT boys, discrimination against Afro-textured hair, low BME teacher representation, and a curriculum that does not reflect the diverse history of BME pupils in schools.