Jane was a social science teacher and head of department in London for 10 years before moving into Higher Education to become a course leader for the PGCE in Social Science, first at Goldsmiths College and then at UCL Institute of Education.  She is currently a Professor of Sociology of Education and is primarily interested in how policy effects the professional lives of teachers. She researches issues around accountability, performativity and inspection, policy enactment more generally, and more recently teacher retention. She uses Foucault to help make sense of neo-liberal education systems. She works with qualitative methodologies, particularly interviewing and using case-studies.

Jane agreed to be part of the Inquiry into school inspection because of her ongoing academic and personal interest in how inspection systems impact on teachers’ lives. She believes that the current system is not working as it should and that there is a need for change.

Jane hopes that the Inquiry’s recommendations will lead to a better and more supportive system that takes into account the needs of teachers and students alike. She believes that by working together, policymakers, educators, and researchers can develop a system that is fair, effective, and supportive of everyone involved in education.