Beyond Ofsted welcomes the Education Select Committee’s consideration of the myriad of problems surrounding Ofsted and the current system of school inspection – especially with regard to ensuring the safeguarding of school staff and greater support for school leaders.

The findings of the committee provide further evidence that a radical overhaul of school inspection is urgently needed.

Lord Jim Knight, Chair of the Beyond Ofsted Inquiry, said:

“The evidence is clear. Ofsted has lost the trust of the teaching profession. After a year of increasing scrutiny of the inspectorate the Select Committee’s findings add further weight to the call for urgent reform of school inspection.

“Whilst the new Chief Inspector has signalled welcome change, the recommendations put forward by the Education Committee show there is a real need for transformative change of Ofsted. The Beyond Ofsted Inquiry’s work has shown how we can draw from international examples to create an alternative place within the education system for this inspectorate.

“We welcome the Committee’s focus on supporting school leaders through the process of school inspection, but these recommendations do not go far enough with regard to the radical overall required. There is good evidence that a long-term relationship with an external partner of improvement builds trust and drives improvement.  This, combined with better use of outcome data and a new duty of care on Ofsted, would create a fairer but robust inspection system.”